How To Use Tiktok Old Age Filter With Capcut?

Tiktok Old Age Filter

Tiktok Old Age Filter: Users have to must download FaceApp because it is the only place where TikTok users can obtain exes. After that, you will have to go through the various properties until you find “Age” and then click “Awesome Old” in the various options. Then upload a photo of yourself to FaceApp to see how old you will be.

Many users who want to use TikTok ageing filters with CapCut must first use an app with ageing filters, such as FaceApp 12. If you are using FaceApp, then you can go  to Age > Old Cool to access the fashion filters. Save the photo you just took. Now apply the old filter and save the image. Combine two photos using a photo editor like CapCut.

How to do TikTok old age filter trend?

Step: 1 Install and launch the CapCut app.
Step: 2 To start a new project, tap the “New Project” icon.
Step: 3 Tap Add after selecting one or more video clips.
Step: 4 Begin working on the timeline. Begin a New Project within Capcut.
Step: 5 Insert both images into the timeline.
Step: 6 Place the new image above the old image on the timeline.
Step: 7 Make the normal image fade out before the old one.
Step: 8 When the normal image finishes, the old image will now appear.

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